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What are the performance advantages of cast copper alloys?

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Update time : 2022-12-27 09:40:29

1. The molten steel alloy of casting copper alloy is easy to be oxidized in the liquid state, and the formed oxide is dissolved in copper and the mechanical properties of the alloy are reduced. The same as aluminum alloy, copper alloy is generally melted by crucible furnace, so that copper liquid does not directly contact with fuel and air, in order to reduce the oxidation and loss of metal, to maintain the purity of metal. In order to prevent copper oxidation, molten bronze should be added glass, borax and other flux to cover the copper liquid. Because the zinc in brass itself is a good deoxidizer, so when melting brass, do not need to add another flux and deoxidizer.

2. Process characteristics: most copper alloys have large shrinkage, so the solidification sequence should be controlled during casting to prevent the formation of shrinkage holes. Tin bronze is easy to oxidize in the liquid state, so the flow should not be cut off during pouring, and the pouring system should be able to prevent the splash of metal liquid, so that the metal liquid flows smoothly. The bottom pouring system is often used in production. Tin bronze is suitable for metal casting, because the cooling speed of metal type is fast, the solidification zone of metal liquid is narrow, it is not easy to produce shrinkage, and the internal structure of the casting is dense.

3, classification: divided into casting brass and casting bronze two categories; Cast brass is divided into ordinary brass and special brass; Cast bronze is divided into tin bronze and special bronze alloys.

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