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The main characteristics of copper wire are introduced

Brass wire has better wear resistance.  It has high strength, hardness and strong chemical resistance.  There are cutting mechanical properties are also more prominent.  Seamless copper tube drawn by brass wire, soft quality, strong wear resistance.  Seamless brass wire tubes can be used for heat exchangers and condensers, cryogenic pipelines, submarine transport pipes.  Manufacturing sheet, bar, bar, pipe, casting parts, etc.  Copper 62% ~ 68%, plastic, manufacturing pressure equipment, etc.  

Aluminum in brass wire can improve the strength and hardness of brass, improve the corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, brass wire is used to make corrosion resistant parts.  

Types of brass wire:  

1, the H96  

H96 brass is composed of 96% copper and 4% zinc alloy,  

With good cold and hot processing performance, suitable for extrusion, stamping, drawing, forging and other processing methods, easy welding and tin plating;  High corrosion resistance in air and light, no stress corrosion cracking tilt.  H96 brass is generally used in currency;  Souvenirs;  Micro chapter;  Detonator;  Shell casings, enamel bottom tires, waveguides, tubes/pieces, conductive devices, etc.  

2, H90  

H90 brass is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc alloy,  

Has good mechanical properties and hot and cold pressure processing performance, basically the same as H96,  

H90 brass is also suitable for upsetting, rolling and hot forging, etc., good corrosion resistance, gold plating, enamel coating, etc.  

H90 brass is generally used in decorations, MEDALS, Marine components, rivets, waveguide, water tank belt, battery cap, waterway pipe, for bimetal and so on.  

3, H85  

H85 brass is composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc alloy,  

It has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, excellent cold working performance and good thermal forming.  

H85 copper is widely used in building decoration, micro seal, bellows, serpentine pipe, water pipe, condenser and heat exchanger pipe, cooling equipment parts and other industries.  

4, H70  

H70 brass is made up of 70% copper and 30% zinc,  

It has high plasticity and high strength, good cold forming, easy welding, good corrosion resistance, very sensitive to stress corrosion cracking in ammonia atmosphere.  

H70 brass is widely used in sign labels, relievers, battery caps, Musical Instruments, flexible hoses, pump pipes, bellows, building supplies, etc.  

5, H68  

H68 brass is made up of 68% copper and 32% zinc,  

Good plasticity and high strength, good machinability, easy welding, corrosion resistance, good cold and hot processing performance.  

H68 brass is widely used in all kinds of cold stamping parts, radiator enclosures, bellows, guide pipes, doors, lamps and lanterns, etc.  

6, H65  

H65 brass is composed of 65% copper and 35% zinc,  

With enough mechanical properties and process properties, hot and cold pressure processing performance is good, golden color.  

Widely used in all kinds of hardware products, lighting, pipe fittings, zippers, plaques, rivets, springs, sedimentation filters and so on.  

7, H63  

63 brass is composed of 63% copper and 37% zinc,  

With sufficient mechanical properties, hot state pressure processing performance is good, corrosion resistance is general,  

H63 brass is generally used in a variety of shallow punching parts, sugar and Marine pipe fittings, gaskets and so on, mainly bar.  

8 H62.  

H62 brass is composed of 62% copper and 38% zinc,  

High strength, good thermoplastic, easy to weld, good corrosion resistance, easy to dezincification and stress cracking under good conditions.  Used in various pin, nut, washer, wave guide tube and radiator, sugar industry, shipbuilding industry, paper industry parts.  

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